Why You Need to Learn Social Media Marketing Now

Why You Need to Learn Social Media Marketing Now

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Is social media marketing so important that you have to learn it NOW? 

Well, think about it. You can either work as a freelancer, entrepreneur, or employee, and you will probably face the following situations… 

  • Get clients through Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn
  • Promote your products or services using a Facebook Page or maybe Facebook ads 
  • Use messaging platforms to communicate with potential buyers and suppliers 
  • Talk to thought leaders or influencers to get their endorsement or learn from them

Whether you like it or not, social media marketing is now a big part of who we are in this day and age. 


In this article, we’re going to look at … 

  1. Reasons Why You Need To Learn 
  2. Why You Should Learn SMM NOW
  3. What to Focus When Learning Social Media Marketing

Let’s begin…

Why Do You Need To Learn? 

I know this question is a bit cliche. But the relevance of learning something is increased when we ask this question. Because when we know WHY we need to do something, it will be easier for us to be motivated and persevere in our learning. 

Here are three essential reasons: 

  • Keeping Healthy.

Yes, we do have to admit that social media itself has its potential health downsides. But when you consider learning the ins and outs of social media marketing as a marketable skill, you actually help yourself in keeping yourself healthy. 

Learning stimulates brain activity that keeps potential debilitating brain diseases at bay. Understanding the intricacies of social media can be interesting enough to get the mind thinking and running. And with the right guidance, it can be a skill that helps us grow in this modern world. 

  • Business and Work Opportunities. 

An improved skill set is always an advantage to the worker, freelancer, or entrepreneur. So when we invest in learning skills, we also invest in ourselves. 

This investment will help us. And this isn’t only to find jobs and businesses that sustain us. It also helps us have the advantage of getting the best opportunities in business and life. It gives us an edge that no one else can take from us. 

  • Fulfilling Goals and Dreams. 

Every goal and dream that we have can only be fulfilled through skilled action and perseverance. This means we need to take advantage of the resources that our skill sets provide. The skills and experience we get from learning are vastly crucial in getting things done. 

Of course, the skills we use should be relevant to the goals and dreams that we create. And right now, social media marketing has great potential for helping us achieve them. 

Whatever your reasons for learning, it should be able to fit whatever your plans are. 

And right now, your business must start using social media marketing. Let’s talk about …

Why You Should Learn Social Media Marketing 

So you know your reasons (or not) for learning. But the question remains, why should you learn social media marketing? 

In your work, freelancing career, or business, you need to understand that you need to get timeliness, reach, and potential. This means that you should be able to take advantage of something that will help you achieve your goals, dreams, and possibilities. 

In this, social media marketing can help you. 

So here are three reasons why you should learn it… 

  • Nearly EVERYONE uses it. 

Oh, you have an idea that there are a lot of social media users. But you’ll be surprised at the statistics that Simon Kemp wrote for The Next Web just this January 2019. In his article, he mentioned that …

  • There are 5.11 billion unique mobile phone users in the world today. 
  • Currently, there are 4.39 billion internet users in 2019. 
  • In 2019 alone, there are 3.48 billion social media users. 
  • In January 2019 3.26 billion people use social media on their mobile devices.

And reading this, you probably are a social media user. When you understand the vast number of people using a tool or platform, wouldn’t it be wise to also learn about it and the people who use it? Now, this is important to note for the next reason… 


The great copywriter Gary Halbert equated selling a product or service to selling a hamburger. He said that the only advantage you need to sell a hamburger is a hungry crowd. After all, people will definitely buy that hamburger when they are starving. 

Now consider your product or service like the proverbial hamburger. Next, look at social media and its users as a potential hungry crowd. Isn’t it amazing that you can actually reach that vast ocean of people and provide them the value you create? 

Gone are the days when it takes a lot of money, time, and effort to reach out to the right audience and target market. You can easily find the ideal customer or client when you know how and who to look for. 

And this can quickly be done when you have a deep understanding of how social media marketing works. Because when you do, you get to see the possibilities of getting the right people to not only buy from you but also help you. 

Which brings us to the next important reason…


The potential for growth is one of the things you have to look for when learning a skill. And in social media marketing, this is very evident. 

Consider Facebook. For a company that is about 15 years old, it has not only reached out to billions. It has also managed to affect pop culture, politics, and life. 

Not only that, but it has also affected the way we reach out to potential clients and customers. Right now, if you don’t use it for business or your career, you are wasting it! 

But Facebook isn’t the only aspect of social media that has potential. Other things within it can be used not only to get business but also to provide value and change life for the better. 

At this stage, its potential is limitless. And no doubt, we have to learn how to use it so that we can harness its potential. 

Considering those things, we do need to keep our focus on what to learn in social media marketing. That’s why we also have to answer the question …

What Do We Need To Focus On When Learning Social Media Marketing? 

With its vast scope, it’s ironic that most of the learning materials or courses online are limited in their focus. Think about it, social media isn’t just learning how to use Facebook, Instagram, and all the platforms around. Social media marketing involves learning about the interaction and use of different skills. 

And when you learn about social media marketing, you need an understanding and focus on the following things: 

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Branding
  • Copywriting 
  • Content Creation 
  • Lead Generation
  • Platforms and Technologies 
  • Business Systems 
  • Client Acquisition

Let me be clear, social media marketing is a skill set. When we focus on the right skills, especially the ones mentioned, we not only become competent professionals. We also extend the value we create for our bosses, clients, and customers. 

Now knowing these things. Hopefully, you have greater motivation to learn about social media marketing for your career and business. 

Because let’s face it, your work, freelancing, or business can really take advantage of social media marketing. That’s why it’s important to learn it NOW. 

Bo Moldez

Bo is a copywriter and digital marketing professional working as a staff of Social Media Academy. He likes long walks in the mountains and sleeping like a baby.

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